Using The JavaScript "onerror" Event


This script uses the "onerror" event to catch any JavaScript errors, which may have occurred on a page.

In the example below, I use an error in the message function. As you can see below I have inserted the following:

notalert("Welcome to!")

What I should have done is:

alert("Welcome to!")

Thus the error message is displayed using the "onerror" event..

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Script Source


<script type="text/javascript">
var txt=""

function handleErr(msg,url,l)
txt="There was an error on this page.\n\n"
txt+="Error: " + msg + "\n"
txt+="URL: " + url + "\n"
txt+="Line: " + l + "\n\n"
txt+="Click OK to continue.\n\n"
return true

function message_alert()
notalert("Welcome to!")

// Script by



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