JavaScript New Window Open / Close Buttons


The following script opens up a new window with the following size attributes:

width=400 height=200


Below is a list of the attributes you can use:

  1. width=300
    Use this to define the width of the new window.

  2. height=200
    Use this to define the height of the new window.

  3. resizable=yes or no
    Use this to control whether or not you want the user to be able to resize the window.

  4. scrollbars=yes or no
    This lets you decide whether or not to have scrollbars on the window.

  5. toolbar=yes or no
    Whether or not the new window should have the browser navigation bar at the top (The back, forward, stop buttons..etc.).

  6. location=yes or no
    Whether or not you wish to show the location box with the current url (The place to type https://address).

  7. directories=yes or no
    Whether or not the window should show the extra buttons. (what's cool, personal buttons, etc...).

  8. status=yes or no
    Whether or not to show the window status bar at the bottom of the window.

  9. menubar=yes or no
    Whether or not to show the menus at the top of the window (File, Edit, etc...).

  10. copyhistory=yes or no
    Whether or not to copy the old browser window's history list to the new window.







Script Source


<The New Window Button Script >


<INPUT type="button" value="New Window!" onClick="'https://www.your_new_window_location_here','mywindow','width=400,height=200')">



<The Close Window Button Script >


<INPUT type="button" value="Click Here To Close The Window! " onClick="window.close()">


Please let me know if this script was helpful to you.