PHP Main Library


PHP RSS / Blog Reader (06/06/2007)
If you would like your own RSS / Blog reader then here it is. It's simple to use and easy to install.

Block Multiple OR Single IP(s) Using PHP (05/06/2007)
This script will block each IP address you have entered in the array.

Populating A Drop-Down List In PHP v.2 (28/05/2007)
This script will show you how to populate a drop-down list in php v.2.

PHP Drop-Down Box Link (21/05/2007)
This script will redirect a user to a site he or she has selected in the drop-down menu.

PHP Progress Indicator (08/05/2007)
The following script is useful for displaying progress, in percentage.

Check Which PHP Version Your Using (07/05/2007)
If you would like to know which PHP version your using, this script will reveal all.

File Upload Facility Using PHP (03/05/2007)
This script is useful if you would like a user to upload any type of file to your site.

Populating A Drop-Down List In PHP (01/05/2007)
This script will show you how to populate a drop-down list in php.

PHP Tell A Friend Form & Script (01/05/2007)
This is a form which a user can fill in if he or she, finds your site interesting.

Check If The Submit Button Was Clicked Using PHP (30/04/2007)
This is a simple function to check whether the submit button was clicked in a HTML form.

Login Script Using Sessions (04/04/2007)
The following script uses a simple array of users who are permitted to use the site.

Telephone Number Concealment (03/04/2007)
This is a simple script, which blanks out a telephone number before displaying it.

Page Load Time Function (28/03/2007)
Calculates the amount of time a page, has taken to load.

Browser Info & IP address (28/03/2007)
Displays your IP address and browser information.

Track Site Visits (28/03/2007)
Displays the number of times you have viewed a page (session).

PHP Contact Form (28/03/2007)
Will send data to you, and a Thank You email to the user!

PHP Order Number Creator (28/03/2007)
This script will automatically calculate an order number. Check it out! Just refresh the page, and a different order number will be created each time.

Set / Display Cookie (28/03/2007)
This script will help you bake / display your first php cookie.

Email Validation PHP (28/03/2007)
This script will validate an email address entered in the form field.

Write to file script (28/03/2007)
This script will allow you to Write to a file named text.txt.

Read file script (28/03/2007)
This script will Read the file text.txt, which we had written to above.



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